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Search, Pay Per Click, SEO and Directory Affiliate Programs

See our recent article on Google AdWords: 5 Tips For Success

Google Ambush
Google Ambush is quite possibly the "killer app" for PPC.
  • The Niche Selector digs into the hottest markets out there and reverse engineers them for you, so you can target the best products for the most highly converting markets
  • The Keyword Finder/Spy finds keywords you can dominate in no time flat, and even ranks them for you so you know which ones are the juiciest targets
  • The PPC Campaign Generator finds the ads in your niche that are currently raking in the dough, and tells you how to clone them and swipe your slice of the pie
  • The Landing Page Generator then automatically produces high-quality landing pages for each keyword (good grief, can you imagine doing that by hand?!)
    It is set up as a monthly service. Sign up, generate as many campaigns as you want whenever you want 24x7, and pay only a dinky monthly fee.

  • Click Guardian
    Click Guardian is an automated tool that monitors for click fraud on Google Advertiser' AdWords ads. The system monitors ad clicks and issues real-time, automated blocks to client's AdWords IP blacklists. Becoming a Click Guardian affiliate means you'll be helping AdWords advertisers save money from people, competitors and bots clicking on their ads excessively. Typical signup value is £20 per month for a client with 1 web site. Our affiliate program offers 25% recurring monthly commission subject to client completing a 14 day trial period and going on to be a subscriber of Click Guardian. Join here.

    Webfire WebFire 2.0
    WebFire 2.0 is the latest version of the most powerful suite of traffic getting software ever created. Since the first release in December, 2011, members have used WebFire to get higher website rankings, and free traffic, leads, customers, and sales for their Internet businesses.
    The've now invested over $200,000 in software development alone, and added 5 more tools so members now get 27 different software resources. Every tool has an individual tutorial and provide additional step-by-step training. Each month, they deliver live member webinars with additional cutting edge information.
    It should be selling WebFire for $2k/year, but the've opened the doors to the mass market so that anyone can take advantage of this powerful system.
    You can join WebFire using this special discount link for as little as $49/month.
    As an affiliate, you can earn a straight payment of $100 per new member referred. You can join the affiliate program here.

    Traffic Travis
    Traffic Travis provides a huge complement of SEO research and page analysis tools, as well as a powerful host of PPC research and monitoring tools. Regardless of whether you're building a website for search engine optimization or pay-per-click, Traffic Travis is an indispensable research tool: tracking your own site's performance, and peeking under the hood of your competitors' sites as well.

    Submit Edge
    It is an SEO Company that offers a wide variety of services to cater the clients’ requirements. Customers can seek professional assistance with various packages that helps them to get higher ranking on diverse search engines. Affiliate program pays $10 sign up bonus plus 10% commission per sale.

    Entireweb Affiliate
    Earn up to 40% of every referral
    Super easy setup
    Popular search marketing products
    Make money on your website
    Easy-to-use interface
    Automatic banner rotation
    Monitor your earnings in real time

    Click Report
    Protect your PPC ads from click fraud and use ClickReport to monitor malicious activity. Daily click reports documenting extensive PPC click activity and details such as date, time, lP address, location, keywords, and more. Real-time alert notifications documenting suspicious or duplicate click activity. The affiliate program pays $29.95 per sale.

    SEO Traffic Explosion
    Learn how the professionals get top rankings on the search engines. Ebook written by an experienced SEO professional. 75% commissions via clickback for affiliates.

    SEO Rank Check Affiliate Program
    We at SEORankCheck are offering a new and affordable service for automatically monitoring your Google search engine ranking positions for all your sites. It is a must service for every webmaster looking for a good growth in their search engine ranking.
    We are offering 3 packages
    Basic Plan - $12.95/month
    Advanced Plan - $24.95/month
    Pro Plan - $59.95/month
    Our affiliate program offers 15 % commission on every direct sale. We are also offering a 2 tier commission also. All affiliates recruited by you will earn a 5 % commission directly to you on every sale made by them. We are also paying recurring commissions to our affiliates on every further purchase by customers brought by you.

    Website submission and marketing services at reasonable prices based in India. How to make money as an affiliate online? Our affiliate marketing program is an easy way to earn money online. Become an affiliate for us & get 20% Commission. Join here.

    iTrackerPro Designed with internet marketers in mind. This is the only true all in one easy to use and setup tracking solution of it's kind that has the power to show you exactly how your sites are performing allowing you to make changes quickly to increase your results. No more guessing! You owe it to your business to use this powerful tool to transform your marketing. iTrackerPro has already helped many marketers take control of their businesses and explode their profits. Are you going to be the next one? Sign up now for your free basic account while you still can! No catch or obligation and no credit card required.
    Affiliate program pays 40% residual commission.

    Queryads pay per click affiliate program
    Queryads' affiliate program rewards you a lifetime commission for every new publisher or advertiser that comes in through your efforts. We have devised a simple affiliate program which rewards affiliates lifetime commission, i.e., 10% of every publisher or advertiser you refer to us.

    If you posses the ability to promote Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, Google Plus Ones, Backlinks and other SEO services then why not make some money from it? We will pay you 10% of whatever the customer you have referred spend for the life of there account. We pay out at $20 by check.

    RankPay Affiliate Program
    RankPay is one of the fastest growing SEO services on the Web. They wont charge anything until improved rankings are achieved. You can earn top commission recommending an SEO service you can feel good about. Through this affiliate program you can receive discounted rates on SEO for your web sites as well. All you have to do is fill out an application, use the promo code bestseo to get 50$ credit to your account. After they start billing the customers for SEO service, you will receive 15% commission every month.

    YouTube SEO service
    YouTube works exactly like Google. They rank videos based on popularity. The more video views, positive like ratings, comments, subscribers, channel views, etc, the higher you rank on YouTube's search results. Use this SEO service that quickly gives videos a jumpstart so they can reach first page search results for whatever niche you are marketing to and collect free, organic traffic that just keeping coming and coming. A package works best. YouTube likes to see a balance of views, subscribers, likes and comments.

    Rank Ace SEO Traffic Tools Affiliate Program
    Subscriptions are regular, recurring revenue streams. For a single $47 subscription over 100 months, affiliates will make over $1,000! Come and Join now. Earn 75% in the first month and 25% recurring commission for the next 98 months.

    Free Traffic-Getting SEO Plugin
    It's Jeff Johnson's newest free SEO software that you can use to grab more free traffic from the search engines. Version 2.0 was just released and it is easier to use, and more powerful than ever. All you have to do it plug it into your blog and his software does all the rest.

    Linkvana One-way Backlinks for Higher Rankings
    The linkvana affiliate program converts at over 5% historically, and pays out at 50$ a month per sale (as long as your referral is a member). We build over 30 types of links for sites looking to improve their natural rank in the search engines, and users can also send content to their own wordpress sites, web 2.0 sites, facebook, twitter, video sites and more.

    Memebrship of Spiritus - the Spiritual Marketing Directory
    Spiritus is an international specialist business directory. Our aim is to help businesses of all kinds (from accountants to yacht builders) that are run by individuals who believe in applying the Law of Attraction to their life and business. We are more than just a business directory. We have a membership forum, additional advertising, and more that is included for free when a business signs on and posts in our directory. We are looking for affiliates to help build our directory. Affiliates who bring paying members will receive a commission of $10 (US) when a client pays for a business listing in our directory. We pay a re-occurring commission of $10 (US) on the renewal anniversary date thereafter if they continue their listing.

    AnooX Not-For-Profit search engine
    Make the Internet world a better place for "Search users" and "Advertisers" by offering the people a real un-biased and more accurate source of search information and by offering the Advertisers a much lower cost.
    You can now start earning sales commissions from AnooX in various ways:
    1- By sending traffic to AnooX site from your web pages and then getting 20% of new Advertising client purchases.
    2- By adding AnooX Search field to your web site and getting 20% off any clicks on Paid Listings from search users who searched with AnooX from your referral.
    3- Exclusive - by referring other Affiliates to AnooX as Super Affiliate whereby you will earn commissions not just from sales that you generate, but also from sales of other Affiliates who become AnooX Affiliates as a result of your referral of them to AnooX, as well as on the Affiliates that they refer to AnooX, up to 3 levels deep.

    Master Site Manager Affiliate Program
    MasterSiteManager gives web masters, professional SEO’s, affiliates or anyone working with multiple web properties an easy to use way to manage and track all their SEO site data from one place. Best of all, because we use a monthly subscription model, your commissions keep coming month after month! Starter package pays out $ 9.50 Monthly - Silver package pays out $19.50 - Monthly Gold package pays out $33.50 Monthly - Pro package pays out $48.50 Monthly

    ppc keywords tool Free keyword research tool
    The tool allows you to see any Adwords advertiser's keywords, while browsing Google in real-time. Plus, you'll be able to see a ton of other extremely valuable information.

    SEOprofiler Affiliate program - $124.50 per sale - Lifetime commissions
    SEOprofiler is a full-featured web based SEO tool with tools for link building, keyword research, competitive analysis, ranking checks, web page optimization and more. The SEOprofiler affiliate program enables you to benefit from a proven product in the growing Internet marketing market. We offer plans for all budgets to make sure that our affiliates get as many commissions as possible. Reliable tracking, high commissions and continuous conversion rate optimization make sure that you will earn as much as possible with the SEOprofiler affiliate program.

    Web Host 4 SEO
    We provide you with "Industrial Strength" web hosting - designed specifically for professional search engine marketers! Our Hosting Comes Complete With: Unique IPs, Unique Class A Blocks, Unique Class B Blocks, AND Unique Class C Blocks - And that's for each and every site in your network! This is an extraordinary type of hosting that makes it possible for you to build your site's page rank and get more pages indexed in the search engines... Join Affiliate Program Here

    SEO Software For SEO And Web Marketing Pros
    Our flagship product, SEO Client Prospecting Robot, is the premiere SEO software for SEO and web marketing pros. Quickly and easily targets hundreds of leads desperately demanding to be sold SEO and web marketing services. We pay 50% commissions on direct affiliate referrals and 15% on 2nd tier referrals.

    You select your WidgetBucks size, color and product category, place the code on your site, and you will receive a very attractive ad unit displaying products in a professionally merchandised manner. Whenever a visitor clicks anywhere in these ads, you get paid! WidgetBucks is also giving new approved publishers $25 just for signing up for their service!

    Adotic - Generation Next!
    Adotic is India's number 1 contextual advertising network. Publishers receive payments in every 15 days i.e. twice a month payment. Advertisers receive $20 signup bonus. If you are looking for a network in India, Australia, NewZealand, HK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal, You found the best now! Join Today.

    Are You Getting Enough FREE Traffic To Your Site?
    If Not Then Visit SEO CodeBreaker To Fix It Now!

    Optimizing keywords for search engines has just been made simple. Word Tracker reports give you a clear picture of the most productive keywords to target with the least competition. Word Tracker lists up to 500 words or phrases depending on keyword searched. Ranging from most popular to least and complete with word stemming and misspellings. There are 3 types of detailed reports available. A two-tier affiliate program paying 15% for any sale made through you and 5% for sub-affiliates. Details here.

    SEO Peace Affiliate Program
    Partner with one of the most reputed and professional SEO companies offering the biggest range of SEO services from advanced to conventional link building and social media marketing on the Web. Unlimited earning potential with 25% commission per sale and prompt payouts.

    SEO Software For SEO And Web Marketing Pros
    Our flagship product, SEO Client Prospecting Robot, is the premiere SEO software for SEO and web marketing pros. Quickly and easily targets hundreds of leads desperately demanding to be sold SEO and web marketing services. We pay 50% commissions on direct affiliate referrals and 15% on 2nd tier referrals.

    Traffic Travis
    Traffic Travis is an exciting new search engine optimization software that helps get your site back on the road to success. Even if you're new to search engine optimization, Traffic Travis puts you in the know with all the tools that professional search engine optimization companies use to make their clients' websites soar up the search engine rankings.

    2700 Directory Submitter
    Affiliates earn generous 75% commissions. Who else needs to increase Google page ranking and web site presence without breaking the bank? You are about to discover the most vital SEO tool you've ever encountered, one that will dramatically transform your business for the better.

    DirectoryGold Web Directory Affiliate Program
    DirectoryGold Web Directory affiliate programs pays commissions on successful sales of site reviews for inclusion in the directory. Receive 30% commission on personal sales and 10% on recruited sub-affiliates.

    We offer search engine positioning services for website owners which help them multiply the traffic to their sites. We offer a money back guarantee - if we are unable to achieve the top positions, we promptly issue a full refund. We also offer a guaranteed Yahoo! registration service. 2 tier affiliate program. Details here.

    Covert Conversion Pro
    Covert Conversion Pro is a new software that automates all of your sales tracking, PPC, organic search, email and newsletter campaigns. Why pay? - XRay Domination ($1500) Affiliate Radar ($1164 every year) Xtreme Conversions ($177 regular price) This software does the same thing and more for only a one time cost of $67. Affiliates, this 67$ software pays 70% commission and you are paid by Clickbank. Highly converting as high as 9%.

    Get Google Ads Free Videos
    Get Google Ads Free Videos is here. Watch over my shoulder as I reveal a secret technique on video that shows how a retired nobody got 87,000,000 in Google Pay Per Clicks for Free. This is a fantastic video course of the infamous ebook that shows how Dr. Jon Cohen MD got 87,000,000 in google pay per clicks for Free. Our affiliate program is run by Clickbank and pays affiliates 75% plus incentives. For example sell 1000 units and get $7000. Clickbank pays its affiliates evey two weeks.

    Build loads of Traffic, Build more content and study the behaviour of keywords. Predict your Adsense earnings before targeting a keyword! Get access to :
    6.5 Million High paying keywords
    Traffic Building Keywords
    High CTR Keywords
    Thousands of Niche keywords from 600,000 markets Online!
    Affiliate program is 2 tier, with recurring commission and a high conversion rate. Join here

    Gooogle Exploit
    The Only $0 Cost Per Click Method That Exploits Google Adwords! Get Paid 50% Commission Reselling This Professional High Converting Product. Commissions are Paid Thru Clickbank.

    Admanage Affiliate and Advertising Network
    The Admanage affiliate network offers more internet advertising solutions and higher payouts than the competition. Advertisers reach your target audience guaranteed with Admanage banners and In Text ads. Affiliates can monetize website traffic with PPC (Pay Per Click), contextual in text ads, xml search feeds, CPV (Cost Per View) interstitials, text banner ads, domain parking and more. Our lucrative referral program offers every super affiliate the chance to cash in big by earning a 5% bonus commission for the lifetime of any new affiliate who signs up with Admanage. Sign up today with Admanage Affiliate Program
    I sell directory submissions packages/services and I offer my affiliates 50% commissions from every sale they make and a $10 free bonus just for sign in up. The payment method is through

    UTN Web Directory
    Submit your site and get quality traffic and back links. Join the 2 tier affiliate program and make more money.

    Writing Affiliate Ads
    How To Earn Thousands Every Month Writing Affiliate Ads. A proven system for making money promoting Affiliate Programs on Pay-Per-Click search engines.

    Stomping the Search Engines
    Stomping the Search Engines will explain how to Optimize a web site, On Page and Off Page, in simple, easy to follow, common sense terms that are a snap to apply in the real world of eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing, Information Marketing, Affiliate Marketing - whatever business you have that needs traffic! Affiliate program commission structure is 25% for direct sales, and 10% for 2nd Tier affiliate sales. The average payout for a single sale is about $62.00 ­ making this a very lucrative affiliate opportunity.

    HitPro Affiliate Program
    HitPro provides the perfect search engine submission service for every big or small business website. Our services are highly recommended since we offer innovative search engine submission and website promotion services at lowest price. As an affiliate of HitPRo you have an opportunity to earn generous commission. We offer 15% commission per sale on any hit pro campaign. We also offer 5% 2nd tier commission on sales. Join our affiliate program now and Start making hefty commission for Today.

    Find Me Now!
    The Biggest PPC/Content release of 2006 is now affiliated.
    Many people already earning 4 figure incomes in its first month due to comprehensive partnerships, fantastic marketing and real content driven web channels.
    Come see why we are THE talk on the internet, and why you should make Find-Me-Now your priority thriughout 2006 and beyond.

    Searchpixie's Affiliate program is FREE to join and offers several great revenue generating tools for Webmasters. We'll pay you upon request weekly within 48 Hours ( not NET 30 or 45 Days like other PPC Engines) NO SSN Required

    Search Engine Optimization Affiliate Program for Webmasters
    Place a code on your website... Get your own referral page on our servers. Earn between $30.00 - $100.00 per sale. Receive discounts and member benefits.

    Hamstertrap Partner Program
    Hamstertrap is a pay-per-click search engine and has recently upgraded its affiliate program. It now pays out on a 3 tier structure, offering 30% commission for both initial deposits and clickthroughs, and 5% tier 2 and 2% for tier 3. They have a low payment threshold of $25. Setting up the serch box is easy and you can also fully integrate their search into your site. The search box at the right here took only a few minutes to set up. Try it for yourself.

    Trusearch PPC Search Engine
    At TruSearch, we are always looking for new ways to provide targeted, quality traffic to our advertisers and help our publishers generate higher revenue. We offer a variety of attractive ad formats that can be customized to blend with the look, feel and content on your site.
    Details Here.

    ClickBank is a very easy and cost effective way to start selling internet products. They have a great affiliate program. Highly recommended. is the first Application Service Provider that automates the management of your website's links/portal/resource pages. LinksManager will manage a portal, directory, or link pages and increase link popularity at the same time. We pay $20.00 for every new user you refer to

    White Pages, Yellow Pages & Public Records
    Earn $$ by promoting white pages, yellow pages and public record searches There is no cap on our payment structure. The more people you serve, the more money you earn! There is no charge to join our Affiliate Program. It's Easy. We provide you with all of the tools you need. All you need to do is place the link and wait for people to come to you!
    Associate With a Name People Trust.
    Customers are most likely to use services from a company they trust. When you promote white pages on your web site, your visitors will recognize an established leader. And you can feel comfortable knowing that you linked them to a credible merchant.
    Monitor the Success of Your Affiliate Site.
    We give you access to online reporting through our site. With reports available at any time, you can assess how effectively your site is marketing our product and gauge your success.

    7Search Affiliate Network offers an array of affiliate programs; from pay-per-search to advertiser referral programs. We pay hundreds of thousands of dollars every month and on time!

    Aqua11 Search
    Earn 50% for every search made from your site! Advertisers get a 10% bonus if you mention affiliateguide as your referal!

    Monetize your traffic. Get paid up to $2 for each unique click-through. No monthly limits, no conversion rates and no service charges. Receive your money by check anywhere in the world at no extra charge.

    SEO Partner Program
    Partner with one of the fastest growing SEO services on the Web. Unlimited earning potential, flexible pricing plans and instant payouts. If you are a web design company, web hosting company, advertising firm, or a company in a similar industry looking to add additional services and revenue to your current offerings, we offer the one of the best opportunities on the web.

    SEO Solutions - Tire1 20% - Tire2 5% - $$$$$ Big Earning
    Get $10 on signup and 20% on every sale. Our products range from $15 to $1000. Wide range of services to choose from. Two Tire commission 5%.

    Brick Marketing - Website Marketing Reseller Program
    Brick Marketing is a full service website marketing solutions firm. We offer best in the industry services in the areas of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Marketing, Business Blog Services, Affiliate Program Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Publicity & much more. Begin promoting Brick Marketing today and begin collecting commissions on some outstanding payouts! We are paying commissions for all of our services, and initial service fees range from $325 to $2,500! Additionally, we are offering a cookie duration of 365 days, so your referred traffic will have PLENTY of time to make a purchase decision on our services.

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