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You could be the next victim of cyber-attacks! We protect you from attacks that antivirus can't block


Security Affiliate Programs

Quick Stun llc
At, we sell high-quality stun guns and personal security cameras. We stand behind each of our products with Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty policies.

Benefits: 25% per sale (plus %25 for repeat customers); 2nd tier: 5%; Powerful tools to link and share, with confidence and ease; 15% off discount code on banners; Lifetime cookie; iPhone or Android app.

We are determined to help people defend themselves and loved ones. We want everyone to feel powerful, confident, and in-charge, anywhere they are, 24 hours a day! McAfee SECURE™ and TrustedSite® allow us to offer free $100,000 Identity Protection to customers.

NanoVMs runs linux software faster and safer than linux through unikernels. Unikernels can run software up to 2X as fast on Google, 3X as fast on AWS and comes with a four point security plan.

NanoVMs pays out up to 30% for all products and monthly subscriptions sold on our site including the Nanos C2 platform with provides a GUI to deploy unikernels to every public cloud and support subscriptions.

Monthly recurring SaaS plans start at $7/month and some go for $600/month! We're adding new product offerings and raising prices soon! 60 day cookie life.

Join now here:

SpiderVPN is a UK based VPN hosting company, with servers in 17 countries across the world. We are the first VPN company to offer hardware router with all of our premium plans, giving an extra level of service and security to our customers. Affiliates are offered a 20% commission on our classic and pro plans and 30% on our service only plans. 2nd tier commission is also offered at 10% and 15% respectively. Register to become an affiliate here.

Strong VPN
VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. This tool allows you to navigate the internet without third parties intercepting or throttling your traffic. By redirecting your connection through an encrypted, secure tunnel, a VPN will enhance your browsing experience in a variety of ways. StrongVPN has been providing VPN service to users globally since 2006. We are one of the longest-standing and most trusted VPN providers on the market. Make up to 200% Commissions.

Heimdal Security
Our purpose is to ensure proactive protection against advanced malware threats for users around the world. Heimdal Security is a leading supplier of cyber protection services. We constantly cooperate with major European financial institutions to ensure key intelligence used to counteract cyber criminal tactics. We constantly improve our knowledge by actively infiltrating cyber criminal infrastructure and combating its malicious tools with reliable security solutions. Online criminals hate us. The Heimdal Security affiliate program offers excellent commissions and performance-based bonuses, and all the support you need to make it profitable for you. Keep in mind that the cyber security sectors is one of the fastest growing ones, so this is your chance to be one step ahead of the curve! You’ll get access to a fresh inventory of banners, marketing materials and dedicated resources to help you convert more traffic and monetize the effort you put into building a community for your website. A dedicated affiliate program manager will help you every step of the way! We offer a 50% affiliate commission on every sale referred, and we also offer a 50% discount on the product price, so affiliates can convert more of their traffic. Join at Shareasale

Privatoria Secure VPN
Welcome to your affiliate territory with - an online service that secures web surfing protection and web traffic encryption. Our affiliate program is fraught with innumerable profits and guaranteed payouts. And there's icing on the cake - it is absolutely free! Our program starts out by giving you 40% of each and every sale you make. You will also earn your FULL commission on all successful renewals!

DMCA Sender
Anti-piracy solution for software & apps developers DMCA Sender is an online tool for authors to protect their software and applications from illegal sharing. Main Features: Find unauthorized shared links to your paid product Send DMCA takedown notices Remove shared links from Google Automatic search for illegal download URLs in 1 click Lists of illegal URLs 1 list by product (software, plugin, ...) Search for contact email address Affiliate program pays 25%. Join here.

Jetico Affiliate
Jetico provides endpoint data protection software - BestCrypt to encrypt data you need, BCWipe to wipe data no longer needed. To become an affiliate simply sign up for our program through our tracking platform, MyCommerce Share-It. - Up to 20% commission on all sales - Easy to join - Trustworthy partner > About Jetico Jetico products are trusted by government and military agencies, all of the top 10 U.S. defense contractors, many national laboratories, as well as various other enterprises and a wide global base of home and small business users in over 100 countries.

NoMoreCaptchas stops bots that try to register and log in to websites, leave spam comments on blogs and social sites and send spam message emails through contact forms. Bots are growing at an increasing rate on the internet. Protection is essential to prevent brute force logins or spam bots on website. NoMoreCaptchas is a great plugin for eliminating bots at the user login or contact form. The plugin comes in 7 flavors from WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, .Net, ASP, PHP, and JSP.
Get 50% on every sale you make! Join through ClickBank.

Encrypt and License your PHP script
PHPLicengine - a complete system used mostly by php developers to license their php software and handle their online ordering, licensing, client management, billing and basic accounting/reporting needs. What is PHPLicengine? php license script, php manager, control php, license php, encrypt php
Affiliate Program: 20% on first tier, 10% on second tier for each sale you refer. Minimum payout: $100. Commissions are lifetime.

mSpy Affiliate Program
mSpy is one of the most popular monitoring application for mobile & desktop devices. We offer one of the best, highly paying affiliate program among monitoring software developers. We are paying 50-70% for every mSpy license sold through affiliate id. Here are the main benefits of our affiliate program: - $95.5 average sale; - 120 days cookie life; - 200+ promo tools; - real-time statistics; - weekly payments and dedicated support.

Protect Yourself Safely, LLC - 10% affiliate commissions!
There is virtually no easier way to earn a little extra cash. Heck, maybe you can even earn a lot of extra cash. Simply place our link or banner on your blog or webpage and earn 10% of any sales received through your banner. For example, if a customers total purchase through your link is $99.95, you get $10.00. It's really just that simple. Join here

Lost wallet
Losing Your Wallet is traumatic. It is also something all of us will experience at one time or another. Our Exclusive Lost Wallet from IdentityIntact gives you another offer that your traffic can interact with universally. The Lost Wallet Service is an annual subscription that gives subscribers a secure way to store the contents of their wallet or purse and assists them with trained Resolution Specialists who help speed up the recovery and re-reinstatement of their cards and personal identification documents. Affiliates love the wide demographic that this offer appeals to. Particularly travel and insurance sites see terrific conversions. And because this is an in-house offer, we are able to accommodate high volume affiliates requests for special linking and creatives. Just ask. Pays $10 on a successful credit card transaction for an annual subscription.

Unique aggression prevention device.
Promote our Website and Earn 25% recurring commissions on every sale you make! No up-front cost, no inventory needed - just place our links on your site and start selling. Affiliates will enjoy additional bonuses depending on volume and receive excellent product promotional tools .

Stun Gun Taser Affiliate Distributor
FightBack247 offers one of the hottest reseller program on the market. Get access to stun gun and taser products for re-selling from your website. No up-front cost, no inventory needed - just place our links on your site and start selling. 20% commission on any purchase plus 10% 2nd tier. 3 yaer cookies and multiple tracking methods.

Buy Pepper Spray
PPS-Safety is dedicated to being your source to buy pepper spray, Tasers, Sabre Red products, cheap stun guns, home protection, self defense, Mace products, etc... 15% payed per sale, 10% paid on 2nd tier. Monthly payouts by check with no minimum.

StealthCamZone - premier supplier of Security and Surveillance products. We will pay you 15% commission on any purchase that is made by someone referred from your site. Customer is tracked 4 ways: First and Last Name, Last 5 #s of Credit Card, Cookie and IP Address. 3 Year tracking!. Bonus - program is two-tier. If any customer you send to our site decides to become an affiliate, you will make 10% off sales from the customers he sends to our site. Sign up Now. Affiliate Program offers an advanced web live video surveillance service. You can remotely monitor your home, kids, business, and even your industrial production line in real time. This video surveillance service is available to you at an extremely low cost. We'll pay you 30% of the sales when the users you send to us buy our membership packages. Affiliates can earn over $100.00 per sale. We also keep a cookie on the user's computer for 90 days, and as long as they make a purchase during that time, you will get paid. You can also buy the service membership packages at a discount and resell them on your own.

Iobit provides security and utilities software to get the most out of your PC. Does Advanced System Care ring any bells? Along with this much appreciated product worldwide, you can also promote other Iobit Security 360 PRO by joining our affiliate program powered by Avangate.

Mobile safety network that allows you to:
-Alert friends & family by call, text and email
-Connect to 9-1-1 with precise, GPS location
-Connect to live 24/7 Emergency Center for help
-Get help, when and where you need it.
Join affiliate program here.

A tool which allows you to easily apply various security settings to your PDF files - at the click of a button. Pays 40.00% on Level 1.

VPN4ALL Affiliate Program
25% recurring commissions on Easy Sales from as low as $5.95! Plus Sign up Goodies for all!
Who we are! VPN4ALL is an easy to use yet powerful VPN client that encrypts all your data transmitted over the internet and tunnels your online communications through one of our secure server locations. It changes your visibility to the world IP address and protects you against online snoopers and intrudes. All in one click!
How does it work? Promote our Website and Earn 25% recurring commissions on every sale you make. It's as simple as that!
Benefits you will get once you become one of our partners:

  • Get a sign up bonus of $9.95 loaded into your Affiliate account once you sign up with us.
  • Enjoy Recurring commissions
  • Enjoy our VPN Client by becoming our VPN active member.
  • Withdraw your earnings through a variety of multiple pay-out methods such as Bank-wire, and Alert-Pay.
  • Special Commission rates for increased number of sales.
  • Customize your own promo coupon discounts.

    The payout for imView is 32% on annual subscriptions, and $12.00 on monthly subscriptions. imView meets the needs of parents by providing them with a comprehensive view of what their children are doing and viewing online. This affiliate program offers a high payout rate and provides you with sales-driven marketing materials to use on your website. imView offers a 45-day cookie plan.
    Join at

    PC Tattletale Parental Control Software
    PC Tattletale Parental Control & Internet Monitoring software is desperately In demand by Thousands of parents! Earn commissions of 50%! ($24.98 per sale!). Ready to use promotion tools and creatives.

    Trend Micro
    The payout for Trend Micro is 20% of all sales. The Trend Micro affiliate program is a leading provider of anti-virus, Internet content security, and outbreak management software and services with high commissions and excellent product promotional tools. The Trend Mirco affiliate program offers publishers a 45-day cookie.
    Join at

    Easy to sell service - anyone who owns a credit card or a mobile phone is a potential customer. You get $8 USD for providing a new customer. The service is easy to explain to customers and can be used for all forms of travels such as holidays, student travels, and business travels. The service is international and you can promote it on websites written in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish languages.

    Secure-eBook offers the technology needed to publish and protect eBooks. It provides authors and editors with one of the most efficient eBook protection system, and makes eBook publishing easy and accessible to anyone. Secure-eBook integrates Document Rights Management (DRM) and eBook security, and offers features addressing selling and publishing of eBooks. Join the Secure-eBook affiliate program now and earn up to 25% per sale plus.

    Virus Hacker Free in an Hour
    Best selling ebook about how to stop viruses and hackers for good. Pay out is 53% for every ebook sold.

    Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living
    Travel, bank, work, live anonymously. E-Book provides never before published information that empowers you to escape a stalker, avoid identity theft, prevent government e-mail monitoring, bank account and property seizures. Live under the radar. Do business anonymously. All Legal. Earn a 40% commission on each eBook sale.

    2004 Adware / Spyware Remover Affiliate Program
    Free affiliate program that pays you 50% of each sale you make selling the Brand new 2004 Adware / Spyware Remover and Blocker Software.
    BitDefender 9 Professional Plus ensures the most advanced antivirus protection, as well as data confidentiality, active content control and Internet filtering. Earn 20% margin on the sale of BitDefender security solutions! Affiliates will enjoy additional bonuses depending on volume and only the best affiliate management. This program pays in USD, EUR, GBP, Cookies are sent 180 days to ensure affiliates receive proper credit.

    Spam Arrest
    This is a great anti-spam service for individuals and enterprises. Unlike other anti-spam solutions, Spam Arrest quickly and easily blocks spam before it ever gets to your inbox — no matter how the spam is disguised or where it comes from.

    The affiliate program gives you a 50% commission on all paid signups, plus additional commissions on second and third tier indirect signups. In addition, for each affiliate that you refer, you get a bonus payment of 10% of whatever commissions they earn! I think it's one of the best paying, best structured programs out there. Join here.
    iPremier offers you the best services to protect your privacy at the best prices. A state-of-the-art system with an incredibly easy-to-use user interface. Affiliate program pays 20% plus 2nd tier of 10%.

    Adware Alert offers brand new spyware/adware removal software for the PC. Free scans are available for customers and it can be purchased directly online. AdwareAlert has the highest adware identification rates, 6%-7% conversion rates and high customer satisfaction! Offer this great product on your site and earn a whopping 70% of every sale, an unheard of commission in the affiliate industry! Or use one of their pre-made site templates and have your very own site!

    Data Rescue PC3, the most powerful recovery software available.
    Prosoft Engineering, Inc. is a software company based in Northern California, focused on data recovery software and other utilities which help protect and manage your important data. Make a minimum of 20% commission for every sale you refer. Up to 40% commission on our Windows recovery and backup product line. Bonuses for top performers. Our average order is $100. Frequent promotions, bundles and discount codes offered. Regularly updated creative. Our market is worldwide and all software can be downloaded electronically (shipping not required). We have an easy to use and very informative website and shopping cart.

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