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Webinars on Affiliate and Internet Marketing

Below is a selection of webinars that affiliates and Internet marketers will find useful.

Instant Passive Wealth... Fast Publishing to the Kindle, Nook, Google, iPad and More!
Host: Jay Boyer
Time: 01/05/2012 8:00 PM

In this FREE e-class with John S. Rhodes and Jay Boyer you will discover:

* How to repeatedly tap into a $2 BILLION dollar market opportunity (NEW!)

* How to reach 12% of all U.S. media consumers... through a secret "backdoor"

* How to avoid all seven ____ that are DESTROYING your online business

* How to get FREE traffic for your new book... from 3 difference sources

* How to eliminate the "shiny object syndrome" in just ONE simple step (FAST!)

* How to reach new customers on virtually any device (Kindle, iPad, iPhone...)

* How to get other people to write for you, do all of the "heavy lifting" (CHEAP!)

Register right now, while you're thinking about it... SPACE IS LIMITED due to technical limitations...

Want a million bucks? (do this)

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to make a million online?

How is it done?

What do you focus on?

What exactly do you need to do?

This week, 3 veteran marketers are opening up their private VIP coaching club and taking you behind the curtain to teach you their secrets of exactly what it takes to make your first million online in a LIVE coaching session online... (the've done over 30 mil with this same formula)

...and YOU can sit in for FREE if you are quick.

Yes, for one time only, they are allowing a few guests of mine to sit in on their VIP Client coaching sessions, and you are invited to register and participate.

What do you think you can learn in a VIP Coaching session from 3 guys who have over 30 years of combined Internet business experience and over $30 million of results?

Register here

Amazon Kindle Cash Method
Host: Daniel Hall
Description: Amazon Kindle Cash Method allows you to tap into a virtually untapped stream of income fast!

In this free training session Daniel Hall will show you EVERYTHING you need to get international distribution for your content as an ebook on Amazon's Kindle.

Why is this so important?

Jeff Bezos recently announced that for every 100 softcover books Amazon is selling it sells 115 Kindle ebooks. That's INSANE!

You need to be riding this trend... and in this no-holds barred complimentary webinar you'll discover exactly how to:

  • Get an Amazon Digital Text Platform account so you can start publishing immediately

  • Use material already on your hard drive to create your first Kindle ebook

  • Quickly make attractive Kindle ebook covers

  • Actual steps in publishing your first ebook

  • Pricing strategies so you squeeze the most profit out of each title

Plus much, much more...

My promise: You'll be able to publish your first Amazon Kindle ebook the night of the webinar.

Why 95% Of All Marketers Fail To Make A Dime Online And How YOU Won't Be One Of Them!
Host: Brian Zimmerman
Time: 07/15/2011 8:00 PM
There are thousands of people everyday coming online who want to make money. Sadly, 95% of those people will FAIL!

In this free training session, Bryan Zimmerman is going to show you exactly how to NOT become one of those people. Just for attending, he is going to give you a piece of software for FREE that sells on clickbank right now for $47.00 because he believes what you will be shown is that important!

Just some of what you will learn during this session is:

1. Why the way people set goals is dead wrong and will actually HURT you and your business

2. A simple method to double your productivity immediate!ly

3. Why 99% of marketers are drawn to one type of marketing and why you should avoid it right away!

4. How one simple piece of paper will turn you into a production machine instantly!

5. Why doing 1 thing will change your business forever!

6. A piece of software that EVERYONE on the session will get for FREE! (Sells on Clickbank for $47.00)

7. Why the guru's are laughing at you and how you can get in on the joke

and much more...

No matter what your skill level, this is one training session you are not going to want to miss. Bryan has already said that what he is going to teach, if followed, it will change lives. Bold statement, but he's prepared to back it up! Don't miss out, you are going to want to see this. Spots will fill up fast, especially with the free software giveaway to attendees, so register now.

Picture Traffic - How you can leverage image websites for free traffic
Hosted by Brad Gosse
When: 07/13/2011 8:00 PM EDT
Free and targeted traffic is the holy grail of Internet marketing. The problem is most people that tell you how to get it tell you the HARD WAY!

Brad Gosse is a master at getting free traffic and on this free training session he is going to show you how he does it.

Brad doesn't spend his days writing hundreds of articles to attract traffic. He doesn't buy PPC ads. He doesn't even SEO out his pages.

Brad gets more traffic with a single photograph than most full time article writers get all day!

Let him show you how by registering for this free training session.

How to Crush Webinars - An Interactive Q and A Session with EBR
Host: E. Brian Rose
Time: 07/11/2011 8:00 PM
Webinars Can Make You Rich. That is a FACT.

Almost 90% of E brian Rose's business revolves around webinars and the reason for that is simple: They Convert!

You can make a killing at webinars. You know this, but now it's time to learn how.

E. Brian Rose is known for his skills as a a webinar host and presenter. When the gurus need tips on creating webinars, they go to EBR.

I am inviting you to spend an hour learning how you can create products and sell them via high converting webinars, just like the gurus do.

The Formula for Online Success
Host: Brittany lynch
Time: 07/07/2011 8:00 PM
Join Brittany Lynch on this exciting free training session that she has been working on for the past several months. Brittany will share with you the exact reason she has been so outrageously successful transitioning from $0 a month to over $40,000 a month in under a year and how you can do it too.

Brittany is going to show you exactly what it takes to become a massive success online. This webinar will contain solid content and although it's premature we KNOW this will be the best webinar you will ever attend online. This is not a joke.

Brittany is giving away the exact fortune formula...information that has served as the cornerstone for every commercial success since the dawn of commerce.

Unfortunately most newbies and businesses neglect the power of this information to their ultimate and unnecessary demise.

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