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Paid Surveys

They have over 70 online survey panels and is the largest global provider of online market research. We also manage offers for some of the largest market research companies like Nielsen and ComScore Ė so we have an online panel to fit anyone. This is an in-house ad network designed to work directly with partners rather than through a middleman, so you can get high payouts. We have campaigns in over 80 different countries with payouts and payment events to match any marketing channel or vertical you work in.

Paid Surveys
Would you like to get paid up to $75 just for completing simple 10-25 minute online surveys? Would you like to get paid up to $150 per hour to participate in focus groups (giving your opinion)? Would you like to get paid up to $25 per hour to preview movie trailers? If you answered yes, then visit us to get paid for surveys
See also our comparison table of Survey companies.

SurveyScout Makes Money for our Affiliates! $23.50 (75%) per sale!
Ready to make some real money as an affiliate? SurveyScout has the most profitable "paid surveys" program on the internet. We pay 75% ($23.50) commission on every sale! Our conversions consistently average at 4-10% with our top affiliates conversions at 20-30%. We not only pay on Credit Card sales but through our sophisticated tracking software, we also pay you on Mail-In orders as well (most do not do this - and affiliates are loosing hard-earned money this way)!

Working from home taking Paid Surveys is of interest to everyone from stay-at-home-moms to college students and everyone in between! Your potential market for Paid Survey Takers is truly unlimited while most other products are primarily for niche or specific markets of people.

There is a reason we are Number 1 in the Home Employment Industry - and we invite you to visit us to find out how we can put money in your pockets. If you are serious about making money as an affiliate - our dedicated affiliate staff will guide you through the necessary steps. Don't waste your time promoting products that simply DON'T PRODUCE SALES. Join the most profitable Paid Survey Program today - and maybe you can replace our top affilites who earn over $50,000/month using the tools and training we provide!

Online Survey Recruitment Affiliate Program Affiliate Survey Referral Program is for recruiting new online survey panel members - worldwide. We offer our panel members a chance to provide through online surveys their views about many products and services for which they are rewarded. This affiliate program is a two-tier referral system. You receive $ 0.25 USD every time one of your referrals completes an online survey for You also receive $.10 USD every time one of your referral's referral completes an online survey for This affiliate program is open to all who have a website - worldwide.

Harris Poll Online
Use your opinion to influence important decision makers in government, corporations, and non-profit organizations. Did you ever want to tell a brand or a company how you really feel about their product or service? Well, here is your chance! Participate in a variety of market research surveys and let your voice be heard. Itís people like you who are the real influencers in the consumer market. Without your opinions and ideas, how are companies supposed to know what you like, donít like, or want to see in their product? Not only do you get to share your opinions and ideas, but you also get to receive rewards for it. Join the affiliate program at OfferJuice.

Opinion Outpost
Survey Sampling International is the largest global provider of online market research and survey panels. We have panels in over 70 countries and looking for exposure for OfferJuice - our in-house ad network designed to work directly with partners rather than through a middleman. Join the affiliate program at OfferJuice.

GlobalTestMarket - A Rewarding Experience
We invite you to become a member of GlobalTestMarket, a group of dedicated individuals with worldwide influence! With your FREE membership, you'll get access to fun surveys that help to evaluate new consumer products, advertising, and pre-released movies and music. Best of all, you'll earn points redeemable for cash!

Get Paid Taking Pictures
People are getting paid thousands of dollars just to upload pictures. This revolutionary website will show you how.

This is a site that features a wide selection of paid offers and surveys. It is an easy way to make a little money and costs nothing to join and start earning. Many offers available with most paying about $0.15 to $0.40 for simply filling in a form on a website which costs nothing but a bit of time. They also have a referral program that starts at 20% and goes up to 30% commission. An interesting feature of this program is that the cash out level is very low at just $0.50 and they pay by a variety of other payment processors so it is very easy for anyone to get a little money to start with. Join here.

Maximum Paid Surveys
Maximum Affiliate Program is a paid survey affiliate program. The site has the best conversion rate for paid survey sites.You earn $26.96 for every new membership referred by you. You earn $1 for every new membership referred by your subaffiliates two levels below you! The more subaffiliates you have, the larger the income you will receive. With subaffiliates recruiting other affiliates,your profit will multiply exponentially! With the great marketing tools available to you, you will be smiling to the bank every month! Join here.

Earn extra income from Paid Surveys
Increase your site's revenue by promoting PanelPlace Affiliate Program. Many like to give opinions and get paid. It would be easy for you to attract Web users to join PanelPlace and you'll earn commission per registration. Our program has been achieving an average of 40% conversion rate. Within the first 30 days of joining our Affiliate Program, you will get paid double commissions. Our 120-day cookie session will ensure that you will get paid, as long as your visitors return to complete their registration process within 120 days.
The affiliate program offers one of the most exciting and lucrative work at home affiliate program online today. We offer a genuinely useful product with 24/7 support with very low refunds. We pay you a massive 75% commissions on every sale paid every second week. We offer live sales report and tracking via Clickbank. A killer customer video testimonials format with proven explosive sales conversions, see why! View video testimonials from some of our valued affiliates.

Make Money Taking Surveys eBook
Our product "Make Money Taking Surveys" eBook is a low cost item ($ 17) with a huge demand (after all everybody needs extra money) so the results are HUGE PROFITS, because this product at this low price sells like crazy. This eBook will teach any internet user how to earn between $ 500 and $ 3000 extra dollars every month completing paid surveys. Also this eBook contains a list with more than 100 paid surveys sites that pay between $1 and $200 per each completed survey and accepts participants from all over the world, explains the use of RoboForm (a small utility that fills the surveys automatically)and more. That is why our eBook is a Best Selling product: it teaches everybody the "easy way" to make money on the Internet. As a matter of fact, this is the unique "Paid Surveys" affiliate program that offers you 100% commission ( 17 $ ) and pays instantly after each sale to your account.

Surveys at Clickbank
Many survey companies use Clickbank for their payment processor and affiliate program. You may view a full list of their current survey products here.
Paid surveys - Work at home, Get Paid For Your Opinion, paid surveys and online focus groups. Affiliates earn 75% of all sales sent to Surveys4Checks. Surveys4Checks has a professional design, constantly updated prodcut, and fast support. Sign up today and increase your earnings!

Get Paid For Testing Beta Games
Earn 75% Commission - $23.50 Per Sale! The #1 "Get Paid For Your Opinion" site on Plus we give away FREE airline tickets that lead to super crazy conversion rates that will amaze you. Don't pass up with super money maker! Do You Need to Make Some Extra Money?
Find out how you can make $20-$75/Hour fill out online surveys,
read e-mails, go shopping, eat at your favorite restaurant, and
fly around the world for practically Free.
Click Here To Find Out

Ultimate Paid Surveys
Ultimate Paid Surveys is a site which lists around 500 companies that pay customers for taking online surveys, previewing movie trailers, read emails and to shop and eat at restaurants. Affiliates of the site earn 75% commission on a $29.95 sale. The Database of the Companies will be continiously updated with new and fresh links. Pays Up To $30 Per Sale!!!
Looking for a 'Get Paid To Take Surveys' Sponsor? Look no further! Offers Visitors the ability to stay at home and get paid to take Surveys for marketing companies. We provide over 700 listings to our members. PLUS we offer the following bonuses:

  • Get Paid to Read Emails
  • Get Paid To Put Ads On Your Car
  • Get Paid to Pass out Free Samples
  • Get Paid to Shop & Eat At Local Restaurants.
    Here are some of the Affiliate Benefits:
  • 3 Membership Types, $34.95, $39.95,and $44.95
  • You Get 75% Commission On EACH SALE.
  • Need Google/Yahoo conversion tracking? No Problem.

    Paid Simple Surveys
    The member's content is brilliant, after hours of research they have compiled a large updated database of paying company's (over 500 now), and most of them paying relatively high rates. They also ensured that browsing is not tedious like on some other websites, with the use of very little graphics, images and scripts. Affiliate program lets you earn 75% commissions at high conversion rates. - #1 Survey Affiliate Program offers its members a way to work from home, in their own spare time... fast, easy and legitimately. We pay our affiliates 75% of every $39 sale. This means you're going to make $26.30 off every sale, which makes us the HIGHEST PAYING survey affiliate program on the net. We also give our members great incentives to join, and have amongst the highest conversion ratios out of any survey site. We also give monthly bonuses based on performance. Sign up today!!!

    Get $40.84 For Every Sale!
    Here at, we pay the highest commission of any Paid Surveys site out there, and we convert better than anyone else too. Others pay half of what we do. Don't waste your time and effort for $23.50 per sale, you can nearly double that with us. Try promoting us for 1 month and you'll never look back!

    Opinion Outpost
    We are Opinion Outpost, an online market research panel. We offer our members a chance to voice their opinions through online surveys about many Fortune 500 companies products and services. We have an affiliate program that offers a simple way to generate revenue from people visiting your website. Promote on your website and we will pay you $1.00 for each new person who links from your web site, who registers and confirms their registration. Payments are sent monthly. To join our affiliate program please visit our website and click on the affiliate link at the top of the page.
    Get paid when you participate in surveys. When you refer friends, you will get paid for their participation and their friends' participation.

    Could you use an extra $300 to $1,000 a month? Did you know you can make good money filling out online surveys sitting at home in your pajamas? It's easier than you think, and SurveyScout can show you how.

    Top Survey Site - #1 Paying Survey Site Online -
    If you are looking for the TOP #1 converting surveys site this is it! The #1 survey site on for 3 years running and for a good reason. AFFILIATES MAKE MONEY - CONSISTENLY!! consistently out converts the competion 4-to-1. Other survey sites come and go but has remained the strongest preforming surveys site online today. Low return rates mean you keep more of your hard earned money. We pay 75% or $23.50 per sale! We use, a 3RD Party affiliate program so you are guaenteed to get paid every 2 weeks by a third party to ensure you honestly get paid every penny you have earned. If you are ready to start making serious money sign up today.

    75% Commission On Every Sale
    We sell memberships to our database of survey companies who are willing to pay for your opinion. Everyone wants to make money from home which makes this one of the easiest sites to convert to sales. $20.06 Paid to Affiliates per membership.

    Easy Money Monster
    The worlds largest database of easy money making opportunities on the web! Affiliates make 30% of direct sales and 20% of every affiliate that signs up under them! An easy sell and a great program to promote on your site!

    Best Converting Mystery Shop Site pays 75%
    Earn top dollar to show people how to become a mystery shopper. You will be paid every 2 weeks by click bank. Signup is free and easy. Join today you will very impressed with the high conversion rates we offer.

    Maximum Paid Surveys takes your Affiliate Profit to the Top!
    With its unique three-tier affiliate program, Maximum Paid Surveys is the most profitable survey site on the Web. Affiliates are paid $23.50 for their direct referrals and $1 for sales generated by their affiliates two levels under them. The conversion rate is excellent and the site is very professional for both registered members and affiliates. Registered users get access to a premium database of over 760 market research companies that are willing to pay consumers for paid online surveys, focus groups and mystery shopping jobs. Members get started easily with step-by-step guides jam packed with tricks of the trade and the web site is easy to navigate so everyone can find easily survey companies in his country and in his state. The most active and the best paying companies are listed first to speed their profit. Affiliates have the possibility to develop a double stream of income with Maximum Paid Surveys:
    1) They get paid $23.50 for their direct sales and
    2) They can recruit affiliates and earn an additional commission on sales made by them. This opportunity is huge because affiliates can snowball their profit far beyond their own efforts!
    Maximum Paid Surveys offers a unique income opportunity. Visit our affiliate's page to learn more and to get started right away:

    Paid Survey Group
    The Ultimate Paid Survey site is here! Paid Survey Group is paying out easy 75% commissions for every single sale referred by you. Easy conversions for affiliates make us one of the highest paying programs on Clickbank and the entire internet. Members stay happy with Paid Survey Group, so you will not have to worry about enormous amounts of refunds, as you would with other survey sites. ANY affiliate can earn up to $100,000 per month and more with our program and get started today!

    Survey Money Portal Affiliate Program
    Survey Money Portal gives its customers a life-time access to hundreds of companies that pay them for participating in their survey panels online. Our affiliate program pays out 75% for each membership sale. Top affiliates receive valuable cash and gift bonuses.

    Read our recent article on building a five figure income from home with online surveys.

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