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Telephone Affiliate Programs

iPhone Accessory sales
Earn 15% plus 5% for selling iPhone Brand Name Cases Coupster.Co is offering $10 bucks signup bonus plus 15% commission of any sale that comes through your links. You'll get commission on the sale total less shipping, handling fees and tax. And, to top that off, if you refer OTHER affiliates, you will earn 5% of THEIR sales ongoing. Below is the outline of some of the benefits.
  • 15% commission on all sales
  • 5% (2nd tier) Commission on the sales of affiliates you refer to us
  • 10$ signup bonus for your first blog post
  • Marketing links and banner ads are provided for you
  • Discount codes to offer to your readers
  • Your own online affiliate portal that track your clicks and sales.

  • FreedomPop
    FreedomPop is the first service of it's kind to offer consumers a true alternative to their current mobile and internet carriers. Free plans, heavily discounted hardware, Free shipping, and never any contracts or commitments - period. FreedomPop, the nation's only 100% free wireless internet and mobile phone service provider invites you to apply to our affiliate program. Make money by helping your audience save on their internet or smartphone bill The FreedomPop affiliate program is easy for earning revenue with:
    Commission rates $10 and up
    Dedicated in-house support
    Custom offers and landing Pages
    Product data feed

    ALLO.COM VoIP Hardware Affiliate Program is a Canada based manufacturer of VoIP Hardware and Equipments including VoIP Phones, VoIP PBX, VoIP Analog Telephone Adapter. VoIP Hardware affiliate program gives an opportunity to webmasters to monetize their VoIP related traffic.
    Affiliates can earn 25% commission on each new sales order and 5% on 2-Tier orders.

    CallHippo brings you an exciting opportunity through its Affiliate Program. The program is as simple as it sounds. We will give you a referral link, all you need to do is promote it on various online platforms within your reach. It can be your website, blog or social media platforms. Wandering what's in for you? Once an order is completed from your referral you get a chance to earn a 20% recurring commission. So just don't wait, make the most out of the CallHippo Recurring affiliate program and get a chance to make some extra money by doing a bit.

    JailbreakWizz Phone Unlock
    Our affiliate marketing system works very well for the content of your website and hence we are reaching out to you. Our program has very good conversion rates. We unlock mobile phones from different manufacturers on different networks around the world. Best part is that customer can place an order directly on your website. You get $10 for each unlock that comes from your site. If you have sub-affiliates under you, you get $4 for each unlock that comes through them. They still get $10. Join Here.

    FAX.PLUS Affiliate Program
    FAX.PLUS, the reliable and secure online fax service that is actively maintained and developed. We pay 30% for the first payment and 10% recurring payments.

    Axvoice - Affiliate Program
    Axvoice has come up with one of the best affiliate programs in the industry, with multiple advantages for the affiliates. With the new modifications, every type of sale driven by the affiliate, will earn him $75.
    Salient Features of the Affiliate Program:

  • Commission Higher than the industry average
  • $50 commission per sale (Irrespective of the size of the sale as you get same commission, whether you sell $5 monthly plan or $100 yearly plan)
  • Complete tracking facility to the affiliates
  • High conversion rate (VoIP is selling like hot cakes, see the industry figures)
  • Direct as well as multi-tier Affiliate options
  • Comprehensive support to the affiliates 24/7
    What Makes Us Hottest Selling Brand in the Customer Market?
    Axvoice is the cheapest VoIP phone service provider in the US market. No other company offers unlimited calling plan for $100/year or $8.25/month with free equipment and installation. This can be the punch line for our affiliates as they can market Axvoice against expensive cellular and landline operators without any hesitation or concern.
    Find out more about Axvoice:
    Residential VoIP - Local long-distance and international calling plans for residential
    Business VoIP - Small Business and Home office plans
    Mobile VoIP - Axvoice Smartphone (iPhone & Android) Apps to make free on network calls- domestic as well as international

    Cell Phone Advertising
    Some affiliates are making as much as $30,000 per month with this ground floor program.
    Get your own unique promo code and offer the best rates in the industry, features that aren't offered by other services an affiliate dashboard that is easy to navigate, links that can be traced, banners, and other promotional material, dashboard for you to administer and monitor your performance in real time, a design team that can help you create customized material for your marketing campaigns, online demos and training videos provided by an experienced representative, and much more.
    I-Blason specializes in design & creation mobile accessories for smartphones and tablets. We sell the finest cases, holsters and precision-cut screen protectors for iPhones, HTC Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and much more. I-Blason's innovative design, sales and marketing teams enable us to launch cutting-edge new products in response to market demand. We offer 10% commission per total sale with 45 return days.
    Join at Shareasale.

    Jailbreak Affiliate Program
    We offer a high quality jailbreak affiliate program. $18 per sale (highest available). Jailbreak and unlock traffic for ALL iPhones, iPads and the iPod touch.

    Nobel's Affiliate Program
    Nobel offers top quality phone cards and international calls at affordable rates. Join our affiliate program to earn up to 30% commissions for new customers and up to 12% for recharges. We also offer up to 3% 2nd tier commission for every affiliate you refer to us. If you have any questions you can reach us at 1-866-776-6235 ext 1263.

    Reactee allows visitors to create a custom shirt that really texts back. Customers create a free text-back account and choose a username that will be printed on the shirt. Whenever that username is texted to the text-back account system, a text is sent to the recipient containing the text info submitted by the customer. Affiliates earn 20% per sale and 20% on all sub-Affiliate commissions.
    We have a great new ringtone application. It's very unique and allows our users to be the DJ and create their own ringtones using thousands of original music clips. Affiliates can use banners to send traffic to our site or integrate the application directly onto their site. Having the application on your site will increase visitor stay and have them coming back as well. The app is alot of fun, visitors will spend hours creating the perfect ringtone. We pay 20% for each sale. We always pay on time and have a great system you can use to track your progress. Direct
    Factory direct super sale of rechargeable batteries and chargers at 50-80% the retail price. Large selection, huge savings, and speedy service. Affiliate program pays 15% per sale plus $0.02 per click. Join at Shareasale

    OTIS Software
    Special software package saves over 90% on international calls from the UK

    Choose from several free AT&T Wireless cell phones and get free shipping with your order. AT&T Wireless mLife plans feature Free Long Distance, Night & Weekend Minutes, and more. Join our 2-Tier Affiliate Program and earn $40 for every Free Cell Phone that you give away ($50 for 2-phone family plans!), plus $10 for every Free Cell Phone that your 2nd-Tier sub-affiliates give away! Our 2-Tier Affiliate Program is one of the best wireless affiliate programs on the Net! Join here
    We sell wide range of telecommunication products and services: Prepaid Calling Cards, Broadband (VoIP) Phone Service, Web-Call Service, SMS-Call Service, PC-to-Phone service, Cellular prepaid phone cards, USA Toll-free Number (1-800 number), and more. Phone Card Affiliate Program. You can place referral links to our shops or create your own shop on your domain or host it at our domain.Comission 8 - 26%. Variety of templates and banners. Good for pages visited by travellers and foreign residents.

    STOP PAYING BILLS! Booklet Shows You How To Get Free Tv And Phone Services Legally In Less Than 24 Hrs, And How You Can Get Help From Different Sources With Your Other Bills, Too (even If Working). 100% Guaranteed Information (10% - 15% Conversion Rate).

    River Offers
    Commission River, formerly Cognigen Networks, is an investor-owned, publicly traded company. We are an Internet-enabled sales community that facilitates the introduction of customers to suppliers. While some think it impossible to be all things to all people, Commission River has become the low-cost provider to customers, the high-tech deliverer of services for vendors, and the user-friendly facilitator for agents. Commission River has paid out over $5M to our affiliates each of the past 5 years! Get your piece of the pie! Join here.

    N'deav[r] Inspirational Daily Text Messages by SMS
    Earn 55% Residual commission on every sale generated by you!!! Great service to promote, no competition. 3 Billion cell phone users worldwide; huge market! Short inspirational and motivational messages delivered right to subscriber's cell phone, helping them move closer each day towards the potential that they are. Help them start their day positively with an inspirational daily quote or inspirational saying, delivered at the moment they choose, right to their cell phone, by SMS.

    Phone numbers Abroad - 20% monthly commission gives you the opportunity to get a local phone number in one of more than 30 countries (including UK, Brazil, Argentina, etc) and redirect it to any phone number in the world. The calls will be charged at local rate for the callers regardless of whether they are calling from landline or mobile phones. We have 2 programs: $30 sign up, or 20% monthly commission. This is one of the best affiliate programs in the Telco Industry.

    PhoneDownloadCenter You can make $1,000 a day!!!
    Free Affiliate Tools! Phone Download Center, Phone Music Movie Mp3 Game Download Nokia Iphone Ipod Zune Game Iphone Wii Playstation Tv Satillite Tv Psp Tv Shows, Anime Google / Yahoo / Msn Ppc Tracking. 75% Commission, Low Refund Rates And High Conversions.

    With Synkia You will earn from each payment done by clients acquired via Your portal. Our best partners, who exceed sales thresholds, earn up to 30% commission! Minimum commission is 20%. Synkia is an easy to use information management service for your mobile phone. With Synkia you can back up contacts, calendar appointments, tasks, sms'es and notes by a click of a button. If your phone is lost, stolen or breaks down you can easily restore the information on the new phone. If you have several phones you can use the service to synchronize information between them all phones will have the same contacts, appointments, etc. In addition you can log in at to view, add and modify your data. The next time you synchronize the changes will be transferred to your phone.

    2U Mobile phone insurnace, instant unlocking, ringtones, phones, accessories
    Instant Mobile phone unlocking = 2.50 commission. Insurance = 15/sale.
    Phones = 30/25. Accessories = 10%.
    Ringtones, logos, wallpapers, polyphonic, mono tones = up to 2.10
    PLUS 2-tier system - earn from the sales of the affiliates you introduce - FOREVER! Free to join.

    Mobile Unlock Codes
    We sell unlock codes for mobile phones. If your mobile is not accepting the SIM card of a rival network, we can help you to remove this restriction. We can provide you with a unique unlock code which you simply type via the keypad to remove the lock. High commissionand high conversion rates for affiliates.

    Promo2cell - Text Message Marketing
    Text Message Marketing is Exploding. Get in on the ground floor of this once in a lifetime opportunity. pays up to 30% commission offering reliable tracking, real-time statistics, marketing tips, banners, and support. 2-tier. Payments every 2 weeks.

    Phone Card Affiliate Program
    Make a residual income selling phone cards. Customers are yours for life. Over 75% of customers re-order.
    Summary of Benefits:

  • Being treated as a true business partner
  • A profitable, long-term relationship
  • Generous multi-tiered commission structure
  • Access to the lifetime value of the customer, with lifetime commissions
  • Superior communications to you
  • Training on the products you sell
  • Great marketing tools that sell
  • Top marketing training and support
  • Advanced reporting and tracking programs available for reports, 24 hours a day
  • Unmatched customer service for your clients
  • Offers that are continuously updated and fresh
  • Wide selection of products to sell
  • Payments made on time every month

    10% Commission for Life - Calling Card Affiliate offers prepaid calling cards from over 75 countries and can boast to having the lowest rates you can find. And thanks to our 24/7 Customer Support Department and continuous testing in our Shopping Process, we have achieved excellent conversions levels. Receive 10% commissions on ALL lifetime purchases, backed by 9,999 day cookies and monthly payments. Choose between our optimized banners and search-boxes, or contact us and we'll designed new ones just for you. Manage multiple sites from one account, and view all relevant stats (clicks, signups and purchases) in real-time.

    $50 Per Sale, 10% Bonus
    $50 for Cell Phone Activations (AN INDUSTRY HIGH). Plus, 10% Bonus for 30 phones activated in any month. A host of HIGH CONVERTING creatives and individual phone links for custom look to match your site. 24 hour Affiliate Reporting console. Full Affiliate Support.

    Pingo Affiliate Program
    Pingo is a prepaid calling card service that offers cheap local and international calls with high quality and the simplicity and convenience to use. It has combined prepaid calling cards, VoIP and mobile services as one to even give a better telecommunication service. With Pingo EZ Dial smartphone application, save up to 90% on international mobile calls without spending your cellphone minutes. Use Pingo softphone and call anywhere around the world through web-based dialing for just 1.8 cents. And there are no hidden charges except for a nominal monthly maintenance fee. Pingo maintains its 95% customer retention rate and customers always keep on recharging their Pingo account with the 100% call quality satisfaction guaranteed.
    Take the opportunity of what the web can offer. Pingo only sells online. Be a Pingo affiliate with your website and start earning money. Get $15 CPA with a bonus plan of up to $35 CPA based on monthly order volume. It's FREE to join. We offer 90 return days. Phone Cards Affiliate Program is a leading online phone cards merchant. Our calling cards offer the ideal combination of high-quality connections and competitive international rates, backed by our 100% Phone Card Guarantee. We enjoy working closely with our affiliates on topics such Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), and general affiliate best practices to help them earn more every month.

    Comfi Affiliate
    In an effort to integrate customer and producer, ComFi's affiliate program serves as a reliable way to reward loyalty and stir the attentions of newcomers. For those interested in a high commissioned program, ComFi will equip potential affiliates with use of their own domain and the tools to establish their own brand, without imposing restrictions on affiliates' success. ComFi's affiliate program has been successful for more than 6 years and those affiliated with our company have depended on guaranteed and reliable payments.

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